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Core Values

The Core Values reflect the UH Mānoa community’s deeply held beliefs and aspirations to become a Hawaiian place of learning, and directly inform the Guiding Principles.

Strategic Alignment

The purpose of the following Guiding Principles is to align with UH’s Mānoa strategic planning efforts. The process comprised key collaboration with representatives of the UH Mānoa staff and faculty, and integrating related work that has been performed. Building off of this valuable preceding work and coordinating with the Mānoa Strategic Plan ensures a continuity of logic and values in university development.

Guiding Principles were developed at the Steering Committee level, and included engagement & review with University leadership and faculty. They form the basis of development and future implementation of the Framework.

Ensure Financial Viability

Demonstrate fiscal responsibility and a robust financial plan to make smart decisions, which maximize our ability to do more with less. Ensure that capital is deployed efficiently to achieve the mission of the university.

Promote World Class Instruction + Scholarship

Contribute to the advancement of knowledge and help our communities solve the complex and interconnected challenges facing their futures.

Steward our Natural Environment

Optimize existing resources and assets by using what we have as efficiently as possible and adopt sustainable design principles to minimize environmental footprint when we do need to build new.

Leverage Unique Attributes of Place

Honor indigenous ancestral traditions. Care for and learn from Native Hawaiians and their knowledge systems about caring for each other and the natural world, specifically in Mānoa and more broadly in Hawai‘i.

Develop the Whole Student

Provide spaces that are physically, mentally and emotionally safe on a daily basis and in times of need. Retention and enrollment growth are reflective of how well we take care of our students.


Cultivate Collaboration

Promote interdisciplinary learning and meaningful work so that students and faculty can work together to create the best futures for Mānoa, Hawai‘i, and the world.

Foster Inclusivity + Connectivity

Provide access to housing, transit by all types of mobility, and digital technologies for all campus community members.

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Guiding Principles

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