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A new approach towards campus improvements

Campus planning is intrinsic to the successful development of the university. Every 6 years the University of Hawaiʻi assembles a systemwide 6-year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) which proposes anticipated campus projects that are expected to take place over the next six years. Along with a list and description of each project, the document presents a capital allocation plan. The Framework for the Future informed the projects which UH Mānoa proposed for the 6-year CIP for 2024-2029.

The recommended projects were guided by the Framework’s Guiding Principles, which enabled UH Mānoa to present a well-rounded proposal with an in-depth study for capital allocation. The ongoing study enables the university to fine-tune and adjust planning in order to support a greater impact campus-wide.

Link to the Framework document:

Link to the Guiding Principles:


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