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Optimizing natural resources on campus: PV Panels

The University of Hawaiʻi is committed to being a leader in renewable energy and has a goal to become net-zero energy by 2035. Among other objectives, the Framework’s Planning Objectives aim to develop long-term strategic energy management plan, and a portion of it is reflected by the development of PV farms across campus. To date, UH Manoa has installed PV systems which include rooftop installations, parking shade structures and ground mount arrays (a capacity of 2,084 kW) and produces 2,915,766 kWhof energy on a yearly basis (FY2020-21).

In support of the goal of becoming net-zero, UH Mānoa has prepared a comprehensive campus master plan for the proposed photovoltaic (PV) systems. The project description can be found in the Long Range Development Plan Final Environmental Assessment. UH Mānoa’s PV Power Plant Project includes a study which identifies baseline conditions of UHM facilities, explores the feasibility of installation of PV components on all potential surfaces on campus, and considers the use of PV components in all available forms (including standard panels or via Building Integrated PV units such as roof tiles, atriums, canopies, window glazing & siding, etc.).

Link to Planning objectives:

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